petak, 28. listopada 2016.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 9 - program Ilica Kulture, Zagreb

In cooperation with Gallery VN a local artist Leo Vukelić leased an empty place in the longest Zagreb street, Ilica. His goal was to make a temporary gallery space for anyone who would like to exhibit in a more and more abandoned type of city space which is being overrun by big brand names and shopping centers.

Enter 2016 exhibition #9. Since the paintings have already been exhibited in January in Gallery PIKTO (remember that my, among others, esteemed Philippine readers?) I couldn't show them again and not put a spin on it. So, with a dash of arrogance and a lack of innovative thought people were treated with "For the second time, upside down". Even put the name of the paintings upside down. That's how consistent a guy I am.

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