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2016 EXHIBITIONS part 6 - Project 15 by Živi Atelje DK

Had to illustrate a short story from Julia Franck. Too bad she wasn't there to check it out. I was told she would come and even give me a commentary and include me in her next book that was supposed to be made into a movie franchise. Would a movie cameo be too much? Absolutely not. Maybe I would lead the franchise after the main character would die in the fifth act of the first one. Imagine an action figurine of me. ME! I am... Sounds about right.

But, all wishful thinking aside, I was drawing a work for the next exhibition and this chance was great to take a vacation from the massive work. So I made two 50x70 cm drawings illustrating the behavior of the main character and the death of her cat as something deserved because of her inactivity and complete and utter obliviousness to her surroundings.

The group exhibition is called "15" because there were fifteen authors, each for one story. You can look at us on the fourth picture. Photographs by Matej Subotić and Igor Nobilo.

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