utorak, 15. kolovoza 2017.

FINALLY! I think this is the first canvas painted on both sides.

FINALLY! I think this is the first canvas painted on both sides.

Specs: Acrylic and spraypaint on canvas, 140x84x5 cm, with the palette: 153x101x70 cm

ponedjeljak, 10. srpnja 2017.

2017 EXHIBITIONS part 1 - DC ROJC, Pula

One day, on a February day I was driving to a building (don't concern yourself with what I was doing there or was supposed to do) and while parking got a call from my dear friend, Marta. The noble people of DC Rojc wanted us to exhibit some of our works that they saw on the internets. Together. So we did. Again. A big thank you to them.

subota, 18. veljače 2017.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 13 - ARThoc, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb

Sometimes, even if it is supposed to be a great thing it can leave a little bitter taste after the experience. Current students and the alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb were summoned to participate in a project in one of the established Zagreb Galleries. There were two phases of the exhibition, each with his official opening. I was in the second one and I chose to exhibit the composition that was already in "brvnara" to contrast the more alternative and shabby environment with a more official and clean one in Klovićevi dvori.

utorak, 14. veljače 2017.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 12 - Art Pullover, Branimir Centar, Zagreb

One day I was approached with the idea to be a part of an art fair. It did not seem like a bad idea and since Nela Simić, the woman behind Gallery Pikto was behind the project it didn't take me long to agree. So the project named Art Pullover came to be. It meant that anyone can buy himself some art and hang it in the bathroom. Or the balcony. Basically, anywhere but the living room because it's cliche and bourjois.

The fair lasted for a month. December. The December before this years January. There were paintings, there was music and cool merch. Glad I was there. Learned
a lot.

srijeda, 30. studenoga 2016.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 11 - "Pokušaj; Guštarenja", Zaprešić, Croatia

When my friend and I made the mural on the wall of the Public University (http://zgubljen.blogspot.hr/2016/11/mural-in-zapresic-croatia-dreams-of.html) we were asked to make an exhibition with works that lead to the one standing on the outside of the building so I exhibited an old one, "The Attempt" and all of its parts.

The great thing about the opening was that Paula Bučar, the one who invited us for exhibiting interviewed us instead of just conventionally speaking for of us. We were asked about our motifs and intentions with our art. Everything felt natural when speaking for your work.

petak, 18. studenoga 2016.

Postcards from somewhere but never sent by mail

Wanted do make something personal to people I care about and with who I spend most of my time. So I used the summer vacation locations I went to for an opportunity to "witness" all kinds of sea creatures that are documented and given to the people. They weren't send by mail except for the Sea Hornet because I did not want to walk to Denmark. I did not have the extra 2 hours of time to go up there.

petak, 28. listopada 2016.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 10 - brvnara (cabin), Zagreb

The night of the opening of the upside down exhibition I met a guy who asked me if I would like to show something I haven't shown. Only one work has been hid away in my basement so the decision was made to present it to the good people of the world.

The place was literally a cabin in the middle of the city and the name of the exhibition was "Gradations". The paintings are nearly indestructible. Acrylic with collage and then permanently sealed with varnish. The big ones are 61x55 cm, the middle ones 51x43 cm and the small ones 43x25 cm. There is a lot of text on the works so if you are interested in the translation I would happily oblige.