srijeda, 26. listopada 2016.

2016 EXHIBITIONS part 7 - Gallery VN

June saw the gathering of three artists who are comfortable with drawing and they were happily coerced into an exhibition. Since there are three artists, each of them had a solo exhibition because apparently it takes four people to form a group exhibition. What a weird universe we live in.

Welcome to the "Documentators"! Because we document our environment. Each in a different manner. With different motives. And motifs.

The name of the work is "Consolation". It is a 30 meter oil crayon drawing distributed in four pieces, and the idea is rooted in the work itself as a (pay attention) consolation for the viewer. I kinda gave up on the whole idea of saving the world even with the "one person at a time" framework. The practice of exhibiting art and with it the work itself is practically ignored by the general population except for the (for now) few people who can when standing in front of the drawing that there is someone who thinks and is driven by similar elements. 
Maybe the framework I am going to get accustomed to is "one witness at a time", trying to lead by example while not wasting time on those who do not want to be changed.

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