subota, 24. siječnja 2015.

The latest exhibition: Orbiting

"Fra(u)gments 1", 2014., mixed tech., dim. cca 120x80 cm 

"Fra(u)gments 2", 2014., mixed tech., dim. cca 120x85 cm 

"Attempt of an attempt", 2014., linocuts on wall (dim. of each individual print 56x52 cm)

The thought behind the exhibits is our/my place in our/my space (universe/environment) and the relationship of the two of them while asking how did we/I get here and is this everything we/I will ever achieve? 
No case is equal although they share similarities (the linocuts) as they orbit around their respective land masses (Fra(u)gments). Are they landing on them, did the leave them or are they just traveling from one to another?

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